I used to be a Twitter hater

I created my Twitter account in July 2009. Guess it was around the time I realised that social media is cool and it will be important to keep up with, and I made accounts on everything that sounded interesting or useful. At the job interview I went to a couple of days ago, they asked me about how I’m using Twitter and if I think it’s useful in communicating stuff […]

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A cat escapes

  Teaching children about art, technology and people // What would Mr Gove say about a curriculum based on creating adventures in the classroom to motivate learning?


Commonwealth teachers looking for recognition in UK

On the 1 April 2012, the Department for Education announced it starts recognising teachers with qualifications from Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States of America and treat them as having Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) in England without any further training or assessment.

Take one picture – review, National Gallery, London

Take a picture

  Deconstructing art through children’s eyes // National Gallery’s Take one picture annual exhibition is recreating art through children’s eyes, showing a mirror to the artistic world. This year, the victim is Veronese



In this decade’s digital storm, how can you get people involved and excited about the stories you write? Reinvent storytelling! New Journalist* aims to help you understand what goes on behind data visualisations.

Pinterest for journalists


The New Journalist* presents: Everything you need to know about the new social phenomenon

Pubs in London


New Journalist* presents: This month’s favourite places for journalists to network and hang out

Make interactive Facebook pages


Pages are the primary Facebook tool that people have for promoting their projects, companies or products. On Wednesday, Facebook developers introduced the Timeline layout, trying to inspire users to spend more time browsing Pages.

A classic: Monday morning tube chaos

Thousands of Londoners suffered severe delays in transport this Monday morning because of partial closure on Jubilee Line and Metropolitan line.

What do you want to do before you die?


Before I die, I want to… “Be happy”, “Waltz to Leonard Cohen”, “Live my life to the full”, “outlive Thatcher” and “say Goodbye”. This is what Londoners said they most want to do in their life.

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